Tell us what you think

New technical developments are entering the field of health care for people with dementia.

Assistive technologies can support those affected in their daily life and also provide aid for their professional care. They are designed to help identify problems at an early stage, relieve the burden on caregivers and enable a largely independent life.

For our project, we are interested in how people with dementia and their relatives evaluate the implementation of technology in the provision of health and care. We value your opinion and would like to know what your views and experiences are regarding technology in the care sector. For example, would you personally be willing to use assistive technologies? What hopes do you have regarding technology for the future of nursing care? And what concerns and fears do you associate with such technologies?

We would appreciate if you were interested in taking part in an interview of about 90 minutes to answer these questions.

Your data will be processed anonymously and deleted after the completion of the project. Withdrawal from participation is possible at any time without giving reasons.