International Symposium "The Future of Assistive Technologies in Dementia Care – An Interdisciplinary Dialogue" (Videos)

The EIDEC Project Consortium

The international symposium, organized within the framework of the EIDEC project by the project team around the principal investigators (PIs) Silke Schicktanz, Mark Schweda, Andreas Hein, Stefan Teipel, Thomas Kirste and project coordinator Julia Perry in cooperation with the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, took place from September 6 to 8, 2022 at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) in Delmenhorst. The conference focused on the future of intelligent assistance systems in dementia care and hosted well-renowned scientists to highlight innovative, but at the same time challenging research questions on assistive technologies in dementia care.  For this purpose, current research projects were shared and discussed in an interdisciplinary context over three days, and consideration was given to how project results can also be transferred to actors outside academia. In addition, the conference gave researchers insights into the results of our research project EIDEC.

We recorded the presentations and discussions audio-visually in order to make them available to you here in the form of three videos*. We would like to thank in particular Alicia Teschner for creating the videos.

*Due to technical problems, the presentation of Prof. Gerhard Fischer, (University of Colorado) "Anatomy is Not Destiny: Creating Eyeglasses for the Mind" and the Keynote Lecture "Tackling Loneliness in Diverse Communities: Value Sensitive Design of Social Robotics for LGBTIQ Elderly" by Prof. Oliver Burmeister (Charles Sturt University) could not be included in this video. The PowerPoint presentations are available.


Program Day 1: Tuesday, September 06, 2022

  • Welcome and Introduction.
    Prof. Silke Schicktanz and Prof. Mark Schweda
  • Presentation: A Novel Cognitive Assessment Scenario in Dementia Using Social Assistive Robots.
    Associate Prof. Filippo Cavallo, University of Florence, Florence, Italy
  • Viewpoints: Value-Sensitive Design in Practice: Insights and Challenges.
    Prof. Thomas Kirste, Prof. Andreas Hein and Prof. Stefan Teipel
  • Presentation: Anatomy is Not Destiny: Creating Eyeglasses for the Mind.
    Prof. Gerhard Fischer, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
    Here are the slides to download as PDF
  • Keynote Lecture: Tackling Loneliness in Diverse Communities: Value Sensitive Design of Social Robotics for LGBTIQ Elderly.
    Prof. Oliver Burmeister, Charles Sturt University, Orange, Australia
    Here are the slides to download as PDF

Program Day 2: Wednesday, September 07, 2022

  • Presentation via Zoom: Artificial Systems with Moral Capacities? Theoretical Foundations and a Roadmap for a Geriatric Care System.
    Prof. Catrin Misselhorn, University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany

  • Presentation: The Value and Role of Smart Technologies in Caring for Older Persons with Dementia.
    Dr. Tenzin Wangmo, Universität Basel, Basel, Switzerland
  • Viewpoints: Ethical Challenges of Assistive Technologies: An Empirical Assessment of Affected Persons’ Attitudes.
    Prof. Silke Schicktanz and Prof. Mark Schweda
  • Presentation via Zoom: Confronting Power in Our Conversations about Ethics in Dementia Care Technologies.
    Associate Prof. Clara Berridge, University of Washington, Seattle, USA


Program Day 3: Thursday, September 08, 2022

  • Presentation: „The Technological Way of Being” and Human Flourishing in Health Care: Antithesis or Synthesis?
    Prof. Fabrice Jotterand, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA
  • Keynote Lecture via Zoom: In Dementia Care, Have We ‘Grown Mechanical in Head and in Heart’? And If So, So What?
    Prof. Julian C. Hughes, Bristol Medical School (PHS), Bristol, UK
  • Final Discussion and Future Directions: Points to Consider

Scientific Posters

  • Eike Buhr & Mark Schweda: The value of privacy in the context of technical assistance for people with dementia: an empirically informed ethical analysis.
    Download poster as PDF here
  • Yi Jiao (Angelina) Tian, Nadine Andrea Felber, Felix Pageau, Delphine Roulet Schwab & Tenzin Wangmo: A systematic review of the opportunities and barriers of smart home health technologies in the care of older persons.
    Download poster as PDF here
  • Johannes Welsch: Empowerment and technology. An ethical-empirical exploration of technology-assisted dementia care.
    Download poster as PDF here
  • M. Salman Shaukat, Johann-Christian Põder, Sebastian Bader & Thomas Kirste: Towards measuring “ethicality” of an intelligent assistive system.
    Download poster as PDF here
  • Frederik Pohlmann, Rebecca Diekmann, Andrea Klausen, ML Reuss, Mark Schweda & Andreas Hein: Do scenario-based online interviews promote a change in attitudes towards assistance systems among relatives of patients with dementia?
    Download poster as PDF here
  • Hanan AboJabel, Johannes Welsch & Silke Schicktanz: Cross-cultural perspectives on intelligent assistive technology in dementia care: Comparing Israeli and German experts’ attitudes.
    Download poster as PDF here